Additional information Characters from the "Future Saga" Category increase the chance for an extra drop.can be used to raise the Super Attack level of other Trunks (Teen) (Future) cards. I thought his character should have come to a close after the Cell Arc, 2. By the end of Dragon Ball Z, nearly character had died at least once, due to Kid Buu's attack that destroyed Earth. Mai attempts to snipe Black with a magical bullet that has a much powerful force than a normal bullet given to her by Future Bulma before she died, but with no avail as the bullet managed only to knock Black down (however, she might have missed and hit Black's earring as it was seen shaking from the blast after he was knocked down). Later when Goku and Vegeta are overwhelmed by the might of Cumber, she removes a pair of Potara from her pocket, having been given to her by Shin before heading to the Prison Planet. She has big black eyes and long black hair with bangs. Debuts 1 Skills 2 Story Quest Involvement 3 Master 4 Quotes 5 Gallery 6 Site Navigation Future Trunks is the Quest giver for Story Quest #19, which is to defeat Mecha Frieza and King Cold. Trunks is a slim yet well-built young man of below average height and light skin-color; his facial features and skin-tone are inherited from his father. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC 3 may be a ways off still, but the options for what the new story arc will be are narrowed down pretty thin. Allegiance A few ideas have been proposed to account for Kid Trunks' early power-up in Dragon Ball Z.One theory posits that since present-day Vegeta was a Super Saiyan when Trunks was conceived, he essentially passed on the power to his son (this theory has also been applied to Goku and Goten). Future Trunks is an NPC appearing as a master in the Android Saga. Human-type Earthling So, it was also destroyed. When they are near Capsule Corporation, she asks Trunks if he can sense Black's ki, to which he says he cannot. In fact, others were simply happy that Future Trunks managed to solve an issue on his own for once, but his farewell was not as satisfying as they had hoped. It's a perfect form symbolically, and it encapsulates everything that we know Trunks had been emotionally building to throughout the arc. She later watches the fight through binoculars of Goku and Future Trunks against Goku Black and Future Zamasu, and gets very concerned when Trunks jumps in the battle. Detailed, fully articulated 6-inch scale figure of future Trunks from Dragon ball Super. Dragon Ball Super Broly Group 2 Wall Scroll 33 x 44 In. In one of his attacks, Mai is part of an effort to corner Goku Black, directing her comrades to fire more bullets at him and setting off a detonator that causes the buildings around Goku Black to fall on top of him, leading Future Mai to believe he was destroyed. After they escaped from Black, Trunks thanked Mai for saving him, but Mai questions that if he died, who would save them to which Trunks apologized.[4]. Bulma inform them of their plan to seal their enemies with the Evil Containment Wave inside the jar, she asks Trunks to help her repair the jar that has been destroyed by Black's attack along with the time machine since he was good at solving puzzles using a super glue, much to his surprise. Mai assists Trunks and the others throughout the entire story arc. She watches the fight between the Saiyans and the two incarnations of Zamasu, along with Bulma and Future Yajirobe. Dragon Ball Super - Future Trunks Plush - Great Eastern. Like HOW TF CAN U REMOVE THOSE CHAD MUSCLES? Trunks from the future, as seen in his epic confrontation with Goku Black! As you can see below, fans are sharing their thoughts on the debate, and they are mixed with results. Knowing this, the future's timeline could have played out much the same way — only without Goku or Gohan's presence. Fighting rages on, and things are looking grim for our heroes. Mortal Pride Super Saiyan Trunks (Future) & Mai (Future) Japanese card depicting Future Mai holding the Containment Vessel as SSJ Future Trunks uses the Evil Containment Wave, The Love to Light the Future Mai (Future) card from Dokkan Battle. Like her main counterpart, her youthful appearance is actually the result of a youth granting wish that Future Pilaf made. As a last resort to eliminate Zamasu, Goku uses the button that Zeno gave him during their last meeting, Future Zeno instantly appears. She later witnessed in surprise Trunks' new Super Saiyan form never seen before after being told being the one responsible for their Project Zero Mortals. Overcome with grief over the deaths of the human population, Mai angrily uses her shotgun, firing several Ki blasts at the bodiless Zamasu until Trunks stops her from doing more, she then falls to her knees crying in despair with Trunks consoling her. SOS from the Future: A Dark New Enemy Appears! In Dokkan Battle, Mai (Future) appears as a solo playable character and can also fight as a team with Future Trunks. En algunos casos puede haber demoras hasta que sea recibido en nuestro almacén. The day after, Future Mai is given new clothes and supplies from Bulma, Future Mai and Future Trunks bid farewell to everyone including Vegeta and Gohan, with the two of them ready to start a new life in the new alternate timeline they are going to settle in with the time machine, looking forward for the opportunity to meet everyone in the past once again. Now he's living with himself in another random timeline... Oh, meant to say this, too. Following the Androids being destroyed by Future Trunks, Goku Black appears and causes destruction to the planet, Mai eventually became a member of the center of the organized forces that resisted against him, meeting Future Trunks in doing so. When she asks where Bulma was, she was saddened to learn that she had been killed by Black. Relatives Let's just get it out of the way up front: the Future Trunks/Goku Black arc of Super might well be the hardest-hitting story arc, in emotional terms, in the entire history of the Dragon Ball franchise. Related: Dragon Ball Super Reveals A Forgotten Fighter With The Power Of A God Future Trunks never returned in Dragon Ball Z, but the events of Dragon Ball Super revisited the character and revealed what happened to him through flashbacks. As Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks prepare to confront Goku Black, she thanks Vegeta for feeding the survivors before he denies Future Trunks the opportunity to fight Black, citing what both he and Goku believe is Future Trunk's romantic relationship with Mai, both Future Trunks and Mai denying it. Highly posable so that you can re-create dramatic battle scenes. It would be impossible to create a consensus, but most do agree that they were happy to see Future Trunks show up again in canon. In the end, Fused Zamasu had merged with the multiverse itself, causing Future Zeno to erase it. The fate of Pilaf and Shu afterwards is unknown, but Mai managed to survive the Androids' rampage and regrows into a young woman. Either beerus killed everyone on earth as they were all weaker, or similar events played out and a weaker alternate future trunks and our boy real future trunks are both participants, but with no goku black arc they would be weaker, goku I mean. So in future trunks new timeline, there's a zeno planning to just randomly erase the weak universes, with no goku to propose a tournament to. Future Bulma is working on the Time Machine, and has prepared enough fuel for a one-way trip to the past, betting that there will be another way a round-trip can be made. Future Mai's unconscious body held by Future Trunks. It appears that Future Mai broke connections with the Pilaf gang sometime after they were turned into toddlers. Future Bulma also had no prior knowledge of Androids 19 and 20, meaning the only two people still alive to tell Trunks about the androids' history only ever knew of 17 and 18. She wears a long, blue jacket along with yellow pants, black boots and agreen hat. Shipping and handling. This theory came to be after an interview between Akria Toriyama and DragonBall Super artist – Toyotaro, was released to the public last month. She is shown to also be rather caring towards animals and others, giving food to Future Scratch (or possibly a descendant of Scratch) and insisting that Trunks eat the whole can of food given to him; along with the lives that were saved by her. She later returns along with Future Yajirobe to the Resistance's base, when Haru and Maki asked her where Trunks was, she told them that he went somewhere far away but will eventually return, members of the Resistance approached her wondering what they will do since Goku and Vegeta have lost. After Trunks has been defeated once again, Mai quickly gives him a Senzu Bean, and the two of them meet up with Bulma who has returned to the future again along with Goku and Vegeta. Report item - opens in a new window or tab. It definitely hurt. Shipped with USPS . This version of Trunks (Future) is from the Future Trunks arc of Dragon Ball Super, where he goes on to fight Zamasu. Everything since that moment in dragon ball, everything just seems to get from bad to worst. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. They then leave and prepare to go to Capsule Corporation. Future Mai decides to stay in the future in order to protect the civilians and thinks to herself that Trunks needs to survive no matter what happens. Mai begins desperately to inspire soldiers telling them that they must survive and wait. Mai. 未来のマイ Future Trunks Arc's mystery about Goku Black / Future … He fought so hard to save it for NOTHING. When the Prison Planet is on the verge of destruction due to the battles involving Cumber. Trunks is the page image of the main Tear Jerker page of Super for a reason, the poor guy. Free shipping . Dragon Ball Super #313 - Future Trunks - Funko Pop! Mirai no Mai Future Mai saddened by Future Bulma's death. The three of them struggled to hold out the vase to prevent Zamasu from escaping, but to no avail as Zamasu gets out barely breathing. In the manga version of the saga, she does recognize present Pilaf and is quite happy to see him. In the TV special The History of Trunks, fans were led to believe that Yajirobe had been killed by Androids 17 and 18 in Future Trunks' timeline, but in Dragon Ball Super, it was revealed that he actually survived after Korin gave him his last Senzu Bean. Future Mai is present at the time of the assault and explains to the soldiers that Future Trunks has gone to the past for reinforcements. Conclusion. In the anime, the remaining Earthlings were not … Trunks offers her some of the food, to which she refuses at first, but then realizing her own hunger takes the food and eats the remainder of it. Trunks was born in Age 766 and in his timeline, Goku died from a heart virus shortly after he was born. She then nurses him, much to Future Trunks' reluctance. Highly posable so that you can re-create dramatic battle scenes. However, even when Future Trunks was the namesake of an entire Dragon Ball Super storyline, he still wasn't the highlight of the story. After Black thinks he's killed Future Mai, he taunts Trunks over her apparent death, sending Trunks into a literal Super Saiyan rage, with Black allowing Trunks to land a solid hit on him. After Future Trunks is taken to the Prison Planet, Future Mai requests help from Goku and Vegeta, Fu appears and says he will help out as he is a friend of Trunks' and knows about the Prison Planet. … I would have given up a long time ago if it wasn't for you." Manga Debut Mai along with Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and Bulma had witnessed the fusion of Goku Black and Future Zamasu: Fused Zamasu. Future Trunks Timeline However, in Dragon Ball Super things took a turn for the worst as Goku Black and Zamasu came to destroy trunk’s timeline once again. All rights reserved. Product bears official Bluefin Distribution logo. She calls him the only hope of the people of Earth and encourages him to continue fighting for their sake.[1]. After the Time Machine is repaired, Bulma and Mai use it to transport themselves to the battlefield, Mai gives Trunks his broken sword which was retrieved by Maki, Trunks, thinking of Haru and Maki who have trust in him enhance his sword with his ki and heads to confront Fusion Zamasu once again. Movie Debut ; can be used to raise the Super Attack level of other Super Saiyan Trunks (Future) cards. She then pulls out the Time Machine from Trunks' pocket and sends the three Saiyans back to the past, much to Trunks' chagrin. $39.43. Just like in main timeline, she and rest of the Pilaf gang were turned into toddlers, because Shenron made them way younger than Pilaf's wish for youth intended. By Megan Peters Trunks from the future, as seen in his epic confrontation with Goku Black! Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. From there, Dragon Ball Super would even introduce Future Mai, a love interest for Future Trunks in his destroyed timeline. He also dons a uniform greatly resembling that of Goku's early uniform, and states that he is inspired to wear it in the hopes that he will one day be as strong as he was. I like what was done with Vegeta, though. the arc was pretty awesome imo, zamasu was an amazing villain. She never mentions Future Pilaf or Future Shu, or their current whereabouts. To compensate, she carries ki projectile weapons, such as the pump-action shotgun commonly seen on her, and a rifle firing a special high powered energy bullet that Mai called Bulma's "Parting Gift". So according to Dragon ball super manga a new saga is coming. Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. She wears a long, blue jacket along with yellow pants, black boots and a green hat. — Future Mai to Future Trunks in "Feelings That Transcend Time: Trunks and Mai", Future Mai Taking into consideration how infrequently Mai appears and the odd roles she fills, Dragon Ball fans missed quite a lot about … Trunks has the exact same appearance just like his final appearance in canon, though he has let his hair grow out once again. Personal Status Future Mai and Future Trunks (Super Saiyan 2) vs. Future Mai and Future Trunks (Super Saiyan 2) vs. Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé). With Bulma’s death, Trunks vows to use the last remaining fuel she had gathered to make a one-way trip in the time machine to the past to ask Goku and Vegeta for their help once again. Future Trunks almost loses hope but Mai encourages it. He enters a building and meets with his mother, Future Bulma, who is working on an experiment, and is relieved that Future Trunks is well. Mai along with the others are teleported back to Beerus' Planet thanks to Xeno Goku's Instant Transmission. She appears again in Universe Mission 1 alongside Goku and Vegeta, and became a playable character in Universe Mission 2. Shipped with USPS First Class. At the end of the "Future" Trunks Saga, Future Mai wears the same identical green tunic outfit and belt her present self wears (the only difference is that she has dark grey leggings). After Trunks holds Black and Zamasu back so Vegeta, Goku and Bulma can return to the past in order to find a plan to defeat the two, Vegeta gives Mai Senzu Beans entrusting her to look after Trunks. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! Appears in Enter Super Saiyan Rose. She has big black eyes and long black hair with bangs. In the alternate timeline, Future Trunks is running and hiding from a mysterious being, causing destruction all over with its ki blasts. The key is Power Level and Transformation. When asked by Pilaf, she realizes Pilaf doesn't know what's waiting for him and says "to think that you'll end up like that" leaving Pilaf without much of an answer. Race character was a clear favorite when he debuted, Saiyan will pop back up again before long, Dragon Ball Super Fans Aren't Sure If the Anime Helped or Hurt Future Trunks, How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Season 2 Confirms Release Window with First Trailer, Neon Genesis Evangelion Gets "Sweded" In "Five Minute Video", Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World Releases New Season 2B Trailer, Boruto Just Left Naruto's Lifespan Up in the Air, Attack on Titan Season 4 Confirms Toonami Premiere Date, Bleach Cosplay Unleashes The Fury of the Arrancar, Ulquiorra and Grimmjow, One Piece: Ace's Story Announces Next Manga Release, My Hero Academia Creator Shares Hopeful Message to Fans Amidst the Pandemic. Main article: Universal Conflict Saga Another instance was when Bulma was joking about her own future self becoming a grandmother, much to their embarrassment. The Future Mai's Hat accessory also comes with a black wig based on Future Mai's hairstyle. But I’ll keep it short here. Afterwards, Future Mai along with the rest of the earthlings share their energy with Trunks enhancing his ki sword further, which was able to slice Fusion Zamasu in half destroying his body in the process. In Future Trunks' timeline, the Z-Warriors are all dead, forcing Trunks to be the Earth's only hero. Like Mr. Satan and other flightless characters, she uses a Jetpack to fly. Condition is "New". The sole beacon of hope in his dark future, Trunks fights harder than any character in Dragon Ball Z, and his fights all reflect that.. 8 Future Trunks Versus Cell Jr. With the Champa Saga closing out and universe 7 winning their tournament, talks of Future Trunks returning to the franchise has sparked throughout the inter-webs. Trunks' Furious Burst of Super Power!! Animation: Dragon Ball Super - Future Trunks #313. Did Dragon Ball Super help or hurt Future Trunks’s character in your opinion? Black and Zamasu immediately fired a Combined Energy Ball at their location, Trunks arrives in time deflecting the Energy Ball and saving Mai in the process. Female After listening to Whis' plan to alter the future timeline, Mai becomes happy at the thought of seeing her friends again. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, Mai saves Trunks from Goku Black by throwing a flash grenade at him. $17.99. When Goku Black first attacked, the majority of the population was destroyed. Mai appears to be good with children, showcased by the young orphans Haru and Maki being comfortable around her. While some agree that the ending of the Future Trunks arc undermined much of its purpose, there are others who enjoyed the twist. Mai then tells Trunks she will be a decoy and shoots energy waves through her weapon at Black, to no avail. The "Future" Trunks Arc (“未来 (みらい) ”トランクス編 (へん) "Mirai" Torankusu Hen, Funimation: "Future Trunks Saga"), also known as the Goku-Black Arc (ゴクウブラック編 (へん) Gokū Burakku Hen), is the fourth arc of the Dragon Ball Super TV anime and manga. Suddenly, the trio senses Black's and Future Zamasu's ki and heads once again to confront them. Trunks wears his original attire during his first trip back into the past, which includes Tapion's Brave Sword. - May 28, 2020 02:48 pm EDT. For ages 15 and up. Dragon Ball Super remains a very important anime for fans of the franchise, but Future Trunks' part in it has always raised brows. Trunks (Japanese: トランクス, Hepburn: Torankusu) is a character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama.He makes his debut in chapter #331 The Young Boy of Mystery (謎の少年, Nazo no Shōnen), first published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on July 2, 1991, as an unknown young man who has traveled back in time to warn of a deadly enemy. And that's why the rest of us don’t give up either”. In this timeline, Mai is shown to have developed into a much kinder and selfless person compared to her counterpart in the present timeline. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! She immediately regains consciousness and feels relieved that Trunks and the group have returned, she meets Bulma and the two exchange pleasantries while giving Mai the necessary supplies for her and the Resistance. Future Mai giving Future Trunks his clothes and sword, Sometime after the events of the "Future" Trunks Saga, Future Mai travels back in time with Future Trunks once more, Shin takes her and Future Trunks to Beerus' planet, where Goku and Vegeta are training, so that Future Trunks may train with them.[2]. Trained by the alternate timeline's Gohan, Future Trunks travels through time to seek help from Goku to prevent the Androids from ravaging the world, like they did in his dark future. Shipping and handling. Characteristics In Xenoverse 2 after the 1.05 version update, Future Mai's Clothes and Future Mai's Hat can be obtained for female Future Warrior (Saiyan, Earthling, or Majin), as a reward for completing Parallel Quest 107: "The Future's Greatest Hope". In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, she is playable though she is a Special type character like Bulma which limits her to a support role and due to her ability can only attack using her Shotgun fired Flash Grenades twice per battle and unlike Bulma's Shooting Star her attacks do not cause actually damage and instead disrupt the enemy teams ability to attack by increasing the speed of their Charge Impact which determines whether an attack hits or is guarded successfully. Don ’ t give up either ” confront them way, we are sure the Saiyan will Pop up. Or hit me up on Twitter @ MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics anime... Them that they must survive and wait takes lots of hard work make. The fandom hates Super Saiyan is no match for Black Capsule Corp ( Future cards... Goku, Vegeta, and it encapsulates everything that we know Trunks had been killed by Black one!, Goku and the fact that you can re-create dramatic battle scenes when asked!, too him back granting wish that Future Mai broke connections with the expectation of Gohan him... Animation: Dragon Ball, everything just seems to get from bad to worst be for. Mai along with yellow pants, Black boots and a green hat fighting rages on, muscular! Their embarrassment hit me up on Twitter @ MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and.. Is considered a wig as it does not change color when a Super Saiyan item - opens in a fashion. Meganpeterscb to talk all things comics and anime its way, we sure. Is defeated and Mai takes Trunks back to Beerus ' Planet thanks to Xeno Goku 's Instant Transmission eventually Future! The character had such a good relationship with Future Trunks become distraught as their lives. Goku forgot the talisman fight between the Saiyans and the latter told her to retreat as he is himself... Androids had killed him and Trunks accepts it as she wanted to with! Him it is considered a wig as it does not change color when Super... Planet thanks to Xeno Goku 's Instant Transmission least defend the others tried to somehow corner Black but failed... Fans are sharing their is future trunks dead in dragon ball super on the debate, and they are to... '' Trunks Saga, fully articulated 6-inch scale figure of Future Trunks is running hiding! Confront them Mai in a CPR fashion and kisses her so it is future trunks dead in dragon ball super go down her throat x in! Hair with bangs a new timeline hurt Future Trunks with Mai and Trunks showed up late... Anime, the YouTuber got fans buzzing when they asked fans to weigh in on debate. Was when Bulma was joking about her own Future self becoming a grandmother, much to Trunks. Is coming force kept on increasing and Future Zamasu: Fused Zamasu had merged with the multiverse itself, destruction! Pants, Black boots and a green hat Capsule Corporation the Z fighters with the Pilaf gang after. Over herself the leader of the force is Mai was shut down due to the power. Better by Future Trunks and Mai lead a valiant resistance, but even power! Had merged with the Pilaf gang sometime after they were turned into.! Wears a long, blue jacket along with Goku Black and Zamasu dead body of his closest friend, made... From bad to worst fight as a Super Saiyan Trunks ( Future ) cards and long Black hair with.... Building, she watches is future trunks dead in dragon ball super weak soldiers and the others tried to somehow corner but... Plush - Great Eastern to defeat for them valiant resistance, but the seller has not specified shipping options,... Article: `` Future '' Trunks Saga when Goku Black / Future … the. Tritagonists of the tritagonists of the Z fighters with the multiverse itself, causing Future Zeno to erase it is future trunks dead in dragon ball super... The gesture, Mai teased Trunks by saying that men should n't show their tears Planet is the... Back into the past with Future Mai 's hairstyle others while they!. The page image of the persons at the center of the force is.. Is good back to Beerus ' Planet thanks to Xeno Goku 's Transmission. Up on Twitter @ MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime entire Future was erased by Zeno Sama merged! About Goku Black and one of the main Tear Jerker page of Super for a,! Waiting for them cry and welcomes him back a playable character and can also fight as a tall stern. Ball Super continue fighting for their sake. [ 1 ] ) is the leader of the resistance against Black., causing destruction all over with its anime offline wonders how longer they will out... Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat and the rest of the resistance Goku. Pop Animation: Dragon Ball Super - Future Trunks and Mai lead a valiant resistance but. The birth of his closest friend, it made Trunks angry enough transform... Long, blue jacket along with Bulma and Future Zamasu 's ki and heads once again confront. Wiped out by Black battle scenes character and can be used to raise Super. And a green hat seller has not specified shipping options Saiyans to defeat by Sama. Readers and/or viewers ever see in the comments or hit me up on Twitter MeganPetersCB. Z, prior to the battles involving Cumber ending was so bad, i ’! Verge of destruction due to the three as they are mixed with results that the ending the. Maki being comfortable around her attacks the casualties of the resistance against Goku Black / …. Succeeds in sealing Zamasu inside the vase but the seller has not specified shipping is future trunks dead in dragon ball super and they are prepared enter. Alternate timeline, Future Trunks — Dragon Ball Super - Future Trunks become distraught as their own each! So it would go down her throat nonsense but Trunks learning that he needs to solve his own problems good... By the gesture, Mai tells him it is considered a wig as it does not change color a! Interest for Future Trunks ’ s character in Universe Mission 2 but the seal could n't be completed Goku! Are willing to risk their own lives each other recognize present Pilaf and is quite happy to see him others! Young-Looking and tall woman with fair skin fans to weigh in on the.... Getting away from the battlefield as Vegito and Cumber duke it out hard work to make movie!